Interested in learning DevOps? Start Here!

Simon Holdorf
2 min readDec 5, 2022


DevOps is a combination of culture, practices, and tools to rapidly build & run software. The first appeared around 2007 during a conference talk by folks of Flickr.

If you are interested in learning DevOps, use these 5 incredible resources:

1. DevOps in a nutshell

First, get a quick overview of the key philosophy behind DevOps and learn essential terms associated with it:

3. Introduction to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering

Learn more advanced strategies in DevOps with this free course from the Linux Foundation.

4. DevOps Exercises | Hands-On

This great repo contains exercises and questions, including answers to help you better understand DevOps and even prepare for interviews.

5. DevOps — The Hard Way | Hands-On

An excellent repository containing free labs, documentation, diagrams, and docs for setting up an entire workflow and DevOps environment from a real-world perspective in AWS:

It’s never too late to start an outstanding career in Tech!

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